New-era node for the new era of decentralized finance


Wanted to introduce my node.

Node name: new-era

Address: walletvaloper19xshddf5ww7fhd53fumly2r7lqsszz634yp448

Commission is set to 5%. I know that this is much more than what others offer with 1% commission, but I do not want to play the game of unsustainable economy. Commission will stay at 5% during the whole testnet phase. If I will ever operate a node in the mainnet, commission will be more dynamic. But the test period is too short to come up with reasonable community benefits.

Why to choose my node? Because I try to give back to the community. I help out in Telegram and Discord. I have written a node setup tutorial:

Keep in mind that staking has some risks associated with it. You can lose part of your stake if there will be problems with a node (for example network issues - no one is immune of those). Therefore I suggest choosing several nodes, instead of putting all your stake into one.