... kenji-no-node

3CPUs - 4GB RAM - 40GB NVMe Local Disk

Dedicated server, with nothing else running on it and am ready to upgrade … when needed v(^-^)…/

Comission is a bit high, at the moment … am working on getting it down a bit. Most likely down to 4%-5% … will update here when it’s there. Glad to be on board here at ground level and am looking forward to helping launch this baby by doing my bit … it ain’t much but it’s honest work. Plenty of skin in the game :smiling_imp:

Validator name: kenji-no-node

Validator address: walletvaloper1prfdhlse6zn0n9cpsrg572lq9m659rlm9jgtrm

Happy staking :rocket::rocket:

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Node SPEC Update:

8 Core x86 64bit CPU

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Commission down to 3%

Own stake up to 22,420 sXFI … and will keep adding.


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Hi kenji,
Welcome to our community
Harold Marie

:mauritius: Libra Mauritius