Investblog node

I invite delegators to my node, called investblog.

My node is installed on a powerful server, configured with the highest quality, with all the necessary parameters.

During my testnet validation, not a single block was missed.

  • Validator name:

  • Validator address:

  • Comission

  • Bonuses

Subsequently, for the delegators of my node, special conditions and bonuses will apply. You’ll find out more about this in the private chat of my node validators. The chat link will be posted here in this thread as soon as the node has more than 10 delegators.

About me:
I started getting involved in cryptocurrencies in 2016, and in nodes since 2020. Launched about 15 nodes of various projects. Many of them - for the purpose of self-study and understanding how everything works. Such as dfinance - for the subsequent opportunity to become a validator of the main network.


Last 24 hours server statistic. Fully stable! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your trust!
Min Self Stake and current Self Stake increased to 4480.3 SXFI
At the time of publication, the node is in 12th place in the list of validators :star:

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Commission changed to 2%

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